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Savas is the only Indian Manufacturer of Complete Vapour Phase Drying Plant with proven technology over the past 15 Years. We support the making India project

Proven Technology

Savas VPD has successfully processed 500 MVA Transformers as well As India’s Largest Transformer 1200Kv Class Auto Transformer

Green Tech

New Range Of Green Tech Products Like Regeneration System, Vapour Recovery System & ZLD Systems, We looks forward to contribute towards the Green Intitative


Process Vacuum System Experts

Savas Engineering Company (Pvt.) Ltd has been recognized, since its creation, for reliability and outstanding performance of its products. More recognizable by its SAVAS brand the company has more than 25+ years of expertise in the field of vacuum processes.

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Engineering Solutions For Any Industry

Vapour Phase Drying

Vapor phase process uses the most advanced technology in the drying of transformerto remove the harmful moisture from the insulation.

Power Transformers, Instrument transformers can be dried rapidly by Vapour Phase Drying

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Vacuum Drying Plant

SAVAS offers solution to modify/ refurbish existing plants to meet your new needs, save energy or make it more efficient.

Refurbished Vacuum drying plants have the same life and performance as a new plant.

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Vapour Recovery System

Vacuum Drying is one of the most common processes which reduces the moisture content from the insulation.

Using hot air circulation and vacuum, rapid drying can be achieved without damaging the product.

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Oil Handling

Manufacturers of transformers use oil-paper dielectric systems to withstand high electric loads.

Transformer Oil Filtration purifies the oil by removing the water, gasses and dust contents in the insulating oil. Oil needs to be moisture and dust free

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Our Vapour Phase Drying Plant, Oil Handling & Filtration, Vacuum Drying Plant products can be shipped anywhere in the world. Through our design expertise, Savas’s products are modular in nature which can be easily shipped and assembled at site.

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Commitment To Work

With a team of experienced engineers our team is 100% dedicated and committed to deliver the best product


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Savas and Transformer Drying is synonymous. We have 25+ Years of experience in design and development of transformer drying system. We have also developed state of the art Vapour Phase Drying System and are the only Indian company to offer the entire plant.

Savas customers are satisfied with the performance years after handover. Infact our products are giving same level of drying as it gave during the first trial. The equipment’s used by Savas are top of the range and enables us to provide good and long lasting products

Savas believes in core engineering and development. As a result we keep on upgrading our products so as to give optimum products that can provide high level of dryness in transformers.

Further, Savas believes in Innovation, thus we are the only Indian company that provides the entire Vapour Phase Drying Plant

Savas have a large number of customers. We have supplied more than 150+ plants all over India. 1200 KV, largest class transformer in India was processed in SAVAS Vapour Phase Process at not one but two different companies i.e. Transformers and Rectifiers India Ltd and Toshiba, Hyderabad. Further 765KV/500MVA Class transformers are being regularly processed in our Vapour Phase with excellent results everywhere.

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