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Large transformers like power transformers need better removal of moisture to prevent aging, improve dielectric properties and reduce mechanical stresses. Vapor phase process uses the most advanced technology in transformer drying to remove the moisture from the insulation.

Application of Vapor Phase Drying (VPD)

Vapor Phase Drying (VPD) Can be used to dry transformers  of various types like

  • Power Transformers
  • Instrument Transformers
  • CT & VT
  • Bushings

Process of Vapor Phase Drying

Vapor Phase Drying uses Hydrocarbon Vapor (Kerosene) to transfer the heat to the transformer. Since Vapors can reach the most difficult areas of the transformer the drying results are optimum and even. Drying of transformers is done under vacuum to achieve the best results.  The process is automatic and programmable by PLC system.

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Advantages of Vapor Phase Drying Process

• Drying of Insulation in Various Electrical Parts is required and can take up to 3 weeks by conventional air heating in air & vacuum. VPD can accomplish the same drying in as little as 2 days
• In VPD both heating and drying take place simultaneously.
• Solvent vapors can reach the coldest part of the transformer
• Rapid heating rate e.g. VPD 500-1000 W/m2 oc compared to Air 5-10 W/m2 oc
• Uniform heating to all components of an assembled electrical equipment
• Savas offers modular skid mounted system, designed for optimised installation and maintenance.

AMC and Upgradation 

Savas Offers AMC of existing Vapor Phase Drying Plant by any manufacturer. From maintenance to upgradation to optimisation to preventive maintenance to overhauling, Savas offers all services to get full use of your existing VPD systems.

Savas also offers services to convert existing Vacuum Drying Oven to Vapor Phase Drying System.

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